Thursday, January 3, 2008

So yesterday I arrived here in LA with all my Christmas goodies in tow. I had been in Orlando for Christmas and New Year's and I was planning on heading back to Huntsville after a few days here in SoCal. Because of this, I had too much stuff to carry on the plane so I had to check bags... always a sketchy proposition.

Sure enough, only one of my bags came out on the carousel in LA. I went in to talk to the lovely Delta representative and she informed me that my bag was taken to Cincinnati and will be here at 3PM. They'll deliver it then but that may take a while, or I can pick it up. Well, the place I'm staying is about 40min from the airport, without traffic, so I told them to deliver it.

Fast foward to last night after work: still no bag. Good thing all my workout stuff was in the bag which was missing. No big deal... I found a Sports Authority and bought a bathing suit and goggles. Got in a couple of swims and hoped my bag would be at the hotel when I returned from work today. It wasnt. Luckily however I had worn my Adidas trail shoes on the plane. I got these shoes because I thought they looked good but as it turns out they are servicable running shoes as well. So there I was, running through LA in trail shoes and dress socks I had just worn all day. Awesome.


TriCoachTre' said...

Reminds me of the time I did a Salt Lake trip the day after Kinetic Half IM in early April. I didn't take workout clothes since the race the day prior sufficed; however, my Captain demanded an mtb ride up City Creek Canyon. I rode up the canyon, part of which was covered in snow, with leather walking shoes, black sox, bathing trunks, and a white t-shirt underneath a jacket. Sweet! It hurt the day after the race and it was sooo cold.

Andrew said...

I knew you would have a good workout-traveling story!