Friday, January 11, 2008

Blissful ignorance comes crashing down to reality

Just got in from some more fast running and just like Wed, it was nice to open it up a little. While Wed was some Zn3 fun, tonight was 20min Zn4 which of course means I got to run a little faster. Tonight however, I made the mistake of running part of the run on the Rocket City Marathon course. So after 10min of blissful ignorance, I timed my last two miles and sure enough they were slower than expected. Of course "slower than expected" is the nice way of putting it... 12 yr old girl speed is probably more appropriate. Oh well, at least its January. Wait, that means the half marathon I'm doing in February isnt that far away!

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Anonymous said...

I would say you are doing to many reps at ZnGay