Thursday, December 3, 2009


"I tell our coaches all the time, 'Let's not act surprised. These guys are gifted athletes; that's their job. I don't want every four-yard play to be, Ohmygod!" -Urban Meyer

Tomorrow is, of course, the day of the biggest game in the history of forever. Well, since last year, at least. However, rather than linking the numerous articles over-hyping this cataclysmic match-up which has been brewing since the beginning of the season (or even since the end of last year's epic), I'm just posting a quote from Mr. Meyer from an excellent profile of him in SI. I was most impressed with the way Mr. Meyer adapted successful methods from a number of different types of head coaches he worked under to mold his own philosophy, both on and off the field. All in all, its easy to see why the Gators have been so successful the since 2005.


Unknown said...

Talk to be Hodgie!

Andrew said...

Is that a drunk blog comment??

Unknown said...

What, no comment about the SEC Championship game?