Friday, December 5, 2008


I'm not sure if everyone has heard but there is kind of a big football game in Atlanta tomorrow. This little gridiron battle known as the SEC Championship will for the first time pit the top two ranked teams in the AP poll, the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Florida Gators. In addition to determining the SEC Champion, the game will also likely determine one of the two teams which will play for the BCS National Championship in Miami.

There has been plenty written about the game and there will be even more analysis between now and tomorrow afternoon by ESPN's talking heads. Power vs. speed, old school vs new school, Alabama's running attack vs Florida's opportunistic defense, Saban vs Meyer... the story lines are plentiful. However, only one thing really matters. Florida has Tim Tebow, Alabama doesnt.

So, here are a few Tebowisms to get ready for the game tomorrow... enjoy!

Tim Tebow CAN believe it's not butter.

Superman's only weakness is Kryptonite. Tim Tebow laughs at Superman for having a weakness.

When you open a can of whoop-ass, Tim Tebow jumps out.

Tim Tebow always knows the EXACT location of Carmen SanDiego.

Tim Tebow can divide by zero.

Superman wears Tim Tebow pajamas.

For other Tim Tebow facts, check out this link.


MarkyV said...

i need u or mizzou to do me a HUGE favor this weekend... you game? ;)

Andrew said...

The only chance Texas has of going to the title game is if OU loses. Of course, judging by the proclivity for upsets in the Big 12 title game, that is certainly not out of the question...