Monday, December 29, 2008


S: 22,800 yds
B: 12h 19min
R: nada

Total: 18h 1min

The most notable vacancy in last week's workouts is the running. The IT band continued to give me problems so I stayed off my feet. Now that I'm back in Huntsville I'm hoping a few visits local ART guru Ken Strickland will get the situation cleared up. While not being able to run is never fun, last week was as good a time as any to be sidelined as I was down in Orlando and didnt have to work. This meant I was not only able to get out and ride most days but it was actually an enjoyable experience thanks to the marvelous December Orlando weather. The first day I was there it was a bit chilly but thereafter thermometer reached 80F, making riding outside quite pleasant.

Sadly though I'm now back in Huntsville, back to work, and therefore back to the trainer during the week and cold rides on the weekends.


K80 said...

hmmm... weird that there was no mention of hanging out with family and friends and celebrating christmas together!!!

it was great to see you!!! said...

Still, a great post all the same, check this out for some great modern canvas art!

Jay said...

80 degrees at Christmas time? I'd love it! Here in the UK we're luck if it's half that!

Jay @ The Canvas Art Shop