Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NYE swim

With the afternoon off, the kids were at the pool this morning. The workout:

Warm up:
400 swim + 100 kick + 400 IM (50 drill, 50 swim) + 100 kick + 500 pull
Set #1:
100 swim + 200 swim
8x50 kick
300 swim + 400 swim
4x100 kick
500 swim + 600 swim
2x200 kick
700 swim + 800 swim
400 kick
All swim is on 1:15/100, all kick is on :50/50
They had another set after that but I just did a 300 cool down and got out, using work as an excuse to make an early exit.

Stay safe tonight and have a Happy New Year!


Arthur said...

This is great idea, what a brilliant post.

Roger said...

It's really interesting what's going on, it really is a great idea isn't it Arthur!


Jay said...

Oh great workout, might have to try it myself!
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