Monday, December 22, 2008


S: 25,600 yds
B: 5h 21min
R: 2h 16min

Total: 14h 1min

Well... too much driving. I drove home for Christmas this year so that I could move some stuff back to Huntsville and needless to say, I'm never doing this again! After 3 days and about 11 hours in the car, it was nice to finally arrive in Orlando. On the downside my IT band, which was giving me problems before the trip, certainly hasnt gotten any better and therefore the running will likely be slacking a bit the next couple of weeks. Additionally there is plenty of TP massage and icing in the near future...

While the trip wasnt great for training, I was able to make a couple of stops along the way, visiting my aunt and uncle in Atlanta, and my friends Bernd and Kelly in Gainesville. Of course the best part of the trip was the ride yesterday in Gainesville with Bernd and Jason. It was sunny, around 75F at the start and around 80F at the finish. Just another beatiful Florida day in December!!

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