Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back home

We wrapped things up Thursday evening at MAF and overall had a pretty successful TIM/Kaizan event. There are still plenty of issues which we'll carry as potential cost/schedule risks but at least we have a much better understanding of what they are and how they'll affect production.

One last note on New Orleans, when traveling there and still trying to get a few swims in, I'd highly recommend the facility at the University of New Orleans. The pool is only 25yds long and 4 lanes wide but it is surprisingly well built with an effective draining system. Also, while I was expecting the water to be upwards of 80F due to a sign advertising water aerobics, the water was actually pretty chilly, around 70F. The rest of the facility (weights, aerobic equipment, etc.) is very nice as well, if you are in to that sort of thing.

Now I'm back in the 'ville and after a swim will be watching David Riddle DOMINATE the Rocket City Marathon this morning. His training has been going really well (he dragged me through an 8 mile "easy" run at 6:10 pace last weekend) so I'm confident he'll pull off a great first marathon.

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Kyle M. said...

Four lanes by 25 yards...Hopefully it's not the one the university team has to use. Those practices would suck.

I like the water colder like that, too! You don't dehydrate as quickly. Getting in and out is unpleasant, but the swim itself is always invigorating.

Glad your meeting went well!