Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Post Race Pics!

Sis and Bro:

The fan club:

Jodi with the two sandbaggers, Lauren Harrison (left) and Lindsey Jerdonek (right). Needless to say, they both had awesome races and DOMINATED their respective AGs:

Tristan "T-Pain" Brown, Bruce "Dont knock my IRONMAN tat" Gennari, and Ben "Folds Five" Harper. I'll let you fill in the caption on this one:

After the awards, it was off the to the bar. For this next pic, I'd just like to apologize to Amanda Balding and Erin Krummer...

Me, Katie, and my good friend, Mojito.

After the bar, where else but IHOP! Bruce and rockstar Cindi Bannick:

And of course, what RR would be complete without food?? Nothing like a western omlette and buttermilk pancakes at 2AM:


Jodi said...

It was awesome meeting you! What a small world... I'm friends with Mojito too....



alyssa said...

Enjoyed living the dream through your pics and race report. Congrats again and enjoy some time off :)Keep me in the loop with your 09 plans and maybe we can actually see each other one of these days!