Monday, November 17, 2008


S: 15,300 yds
B: 58min
R: 1h 4min
Pushups: 70
Situps: 200

Total: 5h 52min

I made it to the pool a few times but other than that it was a very relaxing week. I wouldve skipped that too but I'm just not good enough of a swimmer to stay out of the water for very long.

So about those pushups... during the day on Friday I was planning on going for a run after work. However on the way home I pulled an audible and swung by Publix for a Sam Adams seasonal selection 12 pack instead. I was very pleased with my decision but while watching PTI after I got home I decided it would be a good idea to knock out some pushups in hopes of improving my slightly less than massive physique. My initial plan was to do 100 in sets of 20 with 40 crunches in between each set for good measure. I figured the 100 would be tough but was confident I could get through them.

The first set was hard but I completed it with relative ease. The second was was quite a bit more difficult, causing me to take an extended pause before beginning my third set. The third set was admittedly a struggle but after eeking out the last one I realized I was over half way there and just had two more sets to go. I was pumped up and started the forth set with considerably less rest than I had prior to the third set. The result was that I made it to ten before falling on my face, lying on the floor for a while, and watching the rest of PTI without anymore pushups.

The next morning I went to swim with the kids and did a few 400IMs. The combination of those two foolish activities caused my poor chest to be sore throughout the weekend and up to this morning.


TriCoachTre' said...

Ah, weight lifting! I knew you'd come around :)

Andrew said...

As I'm sure you saw in my post, I decided to do some pushups merely to look better for the ladies. Sadly though, I think I have quite a bit of work to do...

TriCoachTre' said...

Hey, at least you have the pro triathlete 6 pack - a great start for the beach body :)

Kyle M. said...

400 IMs are the worst! The only way you can get me to do them is in reverse order, and even that's asking a lot.

This is Kyle M., by the way, from Edgewater HS. I've been looking through your blog, and I must say I'm quite impressed! Have you done a full IronMan yet, or is that still on the horizon? I see you've done a couple 70.3s...very impressive times, sir!

Glad to see you're doing well. Just figured I'd say hi and keep up the great work!

Andrew said...

Hey Kyle! Thanks... I have done one IM (Hawaii in 2005) but mainly focus on the 70.3s... IMs are just too damn long.

Its good to hear from you. I checked out the blog and appreciate the well articulated posts as not all of us have the ability to write that well.