Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

After stuffing myself with some good southern food laden with saturated fat yesterday, it was back to the office today. Office #2, that is.

Yesterday I went over to Atlanta to have Thanksgiving supper at my aunt's house. She prepared a savory meal just like my grandmother used to and wow, it was gratifying. Perhaps that was due to the copious amount of fat in the meal which became apparent upon inspection of the leftovers today...

Because I'm still apparently young enough to be considered "a growing young man," my aunt sent a plate home with me and when I took it out of the refrigerator today the green beans had white spots on them. No, it was not green bean casserole, just green beans. The white spots? Oh, that was just some congealed fat. Yummy.

So while I didnt have to work today and tomorrow looks like it will consist solely of football viewing, I went ahead and got in a 6k swim with the kids this morning before heading out for a 3h15 ride with some roadies. 3 of the 4 of us have power meters so although they were roadies, the ride was nice and steady and solidly paced. There are few things I despise more than going on an "endurance ride" with cyclists that consists of riding 15 mph on the flats with the occasional sprint up the hill. But yeah, its always great amazing how much quicker the time goes by when you have company.

And now its off to Surin for some sake and sushi. Should be yummy.


MarkyV said...

riding with roadies with no PM's

hmmmmm you should just CRUSH them. :D

Kyle M. said...

Hey Andrew,

Glad your Thanksgiving was nice! I couldn't help but catch our schools' rainy showdown on Saturday...your guys are looking phenomenal this year. I can't say my school's loss was unexpected (or that I won't be cheering on Alabama next week!).

Out of curiosity, when you swim that sort of distance workout (6k-ish), do you do it continously (or in larger sets of, say, 500 or 1000), or do you devote any of it to intervals/sprints? I prefer the continous swimming, but alas, they say sprints are necessary, too. My times in the 400 and 500 are good, but I can't manage to string them together for distances greater than about a thousand yards without about a minute or so rest interval. Any advice?

Hope your week is off to a fine start! Take care.


Andrew said...


Yeah, not a bad game for the Gators ;)

As for the swimming... all of my swims are broken up into smaller sets of 1-2k in length. For example, last Monday's workout was:

300 swim + 200 drill + 400 swim + 100 drill

2x(4x50 kick + 200 IM + 4x50 kick + 4x50 stroke)

2x(500 pull on 6:30 + 200 IM on 3:00 + 4x100(50 Fly + 50 free) on 1:30 + 4x50 stroke on :50)

200 cool down

So for a workout like that the rest interval is typically only a few (0-10) seconds rest between reps. Then there is usually a longer break between sets.

Another, simpler example:
800 choice
3x200 drill
5x400 best average w/ 10-20 sec rest
800 swim
200 cool down

A couple of recommendations... mix it up. One day do shorter sprints like 100s and 50s and the next day do 400s or 500s. Then have a day where you do both. Also, have the workout written down BEFORE you leave for the pool. That way it will be much harder for you to talk yourself out of a few reps. Hope that helps,