Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ISS, Hugh's lucky break, and a trip to the Music City

Fun times at the office this morning as I had to go check out a problem on a piece of hardware that is scheduled to go up on the space station this summer. There was an issue with the coating on a rack loaded with a bunch of experiments so I got called over to diagnose the problem. Fun times...

In other news the folks from People wanted to give me this title but I had to decline. I figure with the struggling economy and all Hugh Jackman's new blockbuster Australia probably wont gross very much and he'll be needing all the free publicity he can get.

Lastly, I'm headed to Nashville for a concert this evening. Thats right, a concert on a school night. Moreover, Nashville is 2h away so it looks like no training after work or tomorrow morning which I cant say that I mind.