Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Swimming (or not) near Perry

Because I've been traveling quite a bit lately, Swimmer's Guide has become a blessing. Planning a trip goes something like buy plane ticket, book hotel, find pool, reserve car. Although there are multiple warnings on the site, it has so far not disapointed. This time however was different.

I usually try to find a couple pools just in case one doesnt work out although I've never had to use my back up option. For this trip though, the closest pool was about 25 miles away and the next one after that was another 10 miles. The website indicated Masters swim from 6:30-8. A little late, but it would work. I could make the swim, eat in the car, and make it to the conference. I showed up this morning at about 6:25 but sadly, no one was in sight. So I waited. And waited. Maybe these swimmers are slackers. Waited some more. Finally, 6:45 rolled around and I realized no one was coming.

It was an outdoor pool and for a moment I considered breaking in but I realized that probably wasnt the best idea. First, swimming by yourself really isnt safe. More importantly though, the fence had barbed wire on top so that pretty much sealed the deal...

So instead of swimming, I drove back to the hotel, had my free all you can eat breakfast, and decided to try again later. There had been a number on the pool which I called and which went to a message after two rings. It informed me that swim practice was at 5.

After the conference, I headed back up to the pool. When I got there, I was relieved to see people there. I proceeded inside and at first the young coach didnt want to let me swim. I think part of the problem was I introduced myself as a triathlete. I totally shouldve just said I was a swimmer. Anyway, I eventually convinced him to let me jump in. I got in about 1000 before the kids finally jumped in. Unfortunately though I had been relegated to the slow lane so I didnt really get much of a workout after the warm up. But thats OK, something is better than nothing!


Jacqui said...

I admire the commitment to get the swimming in...we must be on the same plan... swim 6 days a week....I'm actually starting to enjoy it in some weird kind of way!
See you in a few weeks!

rr said...

Oh young, naive, Andrew. If you get there and the pool is closed, it means it is not meant to be. It is the world telling you that you are already a good swimmer, and more swimming is just a waste of time, and you should go enjoy the great outdoors on your bike/feet. Not go back 8 hours later.. you nut :)