Monday, May 26, 2008


S: 17600 yds
B: 8h 33min (TSS = 501)
R: 3h 40min

Total: 16h 16min

So last week was interesting as I was recovering from FL70.3, trying to get back into training, while also trying to keep in mind that I would be racing a 10K (more on that later...). I had decent ride on Thursday, but the legs didnt quite come around as I wanted by the weekend which (among other things) led to a subpar race this morning. Luckily though, I don't have any other races or trips planned between now and Kansas 70.3 so hopefully I can get in a couple good weeks of training before what will be a loaded field in Lawerence.

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rr said...

Your recovery week equals my max IM training week, Hodges! Recover well :)