Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday night track fun

Even though I've been pretty busy at work this week training has gone pretty well. Last night I had the 7x1mile Zn4 running workout and I was really satisfied with how it went. The first six were all 5:25 or 5:24 while the last one was 5:22. Best of all, even though it was a hard workout, I never felt like I was pushing too hard. I just focused on staying relaxed and in control throughout. Sadly though I do kind of miss running fast on the track. There is just nothing like going out to the track and blowing out a nice 'I' pace workout during which you want to vomit and after which your calves in particular are totally shredded. But unfortunately I dont run fast in races anymore so those workouts are a thing of the past...

Anyway, the real reason I mention the workout though is that my buddy David was kind enough to join me for part of it. The only problem is that David is faster than me and running 7x1mile in 5:25 with a minute rest is a little too pedestrian for him. So he decided to only run 4 of them but instead of resting for a minute, he sprinted a 400 in 67-68 sec. This left him with a nice little tempo run of 8k in 26:08. Not a bad little workout for him and I was more than greatful for the company (even if he did quit after four). Hopefully that will help him in a couple weeks at the Cotton Row Run where I'm sure he'll have to respond to some attacks by Kenyans up some of the hills on the course.

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