Saturday, May 17, 2008


I arrived in Orlando yesterday and because I was on a small plane we had a short walk on the tarmac from the plane into the terminal. Upon stepping off the plane I was greeted with the familiar hot, thick air with which I grew up. Ahh... welcome to Florida!

Today is shaping up to be a pretty standard pre-race day. Lindsey Jerdonek came down and is staying with me at my parent's place this weekend so after a swim at the Y this morning, we came back to my place and made some cinnamon walnut pancakes. I'm not sure why but they were really good. Like scary good. Maybe it was because I have been making the whole wheat variety and today I used the regular flour but either way, they were incredibly delicious.

Now its time to head down to Disney for all the pre race nonsense. Luckily, Lindsey used TriBike Transport so her bike is already there. Then tonight some of my friends from UF are coming over for dinner which promises to be a good time. After that there wont be much time left before the stupily early 6:20 AM start time.

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Hogan said...

good luck tomorrow man! kick some ace. a couple of my buddies from St. Lawrence drove down from northern NY for the race too, so at least you had an easier trip then they did :)