Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Paulo generally does a good job of giving workouts that are challenging but not impossible. If you want to get better, you're going to have to suffer from time to time. At the same time though everyone has physiological limits. Sometimes however, I think Paulo looks past this and gets a little carried away. After looking at the schedule for yesterday's bike workout, it was time for a little "feedback" on my part. The conversation went something like this...

me: you realize this workout is ridiculous, right?
Paulo: Yes
me: ok, just checking
Paulo: Now go out and do it

So I did most of it although the results certainly weren't pretty.

In other news... never, ever underestimate the convenience of air conditioning. This is an unconfirmed suspicion but I believe the facilities people here turn off the A/C over the weekend in order to save energy/money. Seems reasonable enough. My only request is that (especially on particularly hot weekends) they turn it back on a little earlier than they did this past weekend. Last Monday morning I couldnt stop sweating once I got to my desk which got really old after about 10 minutes. This was exacerbated by the fact that the pool had been warm and the water in the showers at the pool was hot (usually a good thing...) so I really hadnt had a chance to cool down after the swim. Now I'm not asking for 70F here but something under 80 would be nice. Luckily things have seemed to returned to a more manageable temperature the last couple of days, so I'm fairly confident it was the weekend shutdown that was the culprit.

OK, I think thats enough bitching for the day. Might as well get it all taken care of in one post!


Unknown said...

I too have had similar conversations with coach ;-) When I ask for a race plan the response is "Just @#%&*$ race!"


Paulo Sousa said...

me: So how did yesterday's bke workout go?
Andrew: it was hard
numbers were ok
264, 236
for both, which surprised me
me: So you completed the workout successfully
Andrew: well, second zn3 was 5min short
me: The whole of 5min, eh
Andrew: its all mental ;)