Saturday, June 6, 2009

Checking in from Boulder

OMG… Boulder is like… so AWESOME!!!

Ok, ok, I'll admit it Boulder would be a pretty nice place to live, or at least visit as living here might be a bit on the pricy side. But so far, it has been a pretty AWESOME weekend. Highlights:

  • CHIPOTLE immediately after landing in Devner
  • The rehearsal dinner which was delicious and included never ending wine and authentic strawberry shortcake (strawberries, biscuits, and crème).
  • Rock climbing after the rehearsal dinner.
  • LC swim outdoors at the gloriously late time of 7:30.
  • Nice training ride with Will. He had to cut it short as he is going to be a bit busy tonight but it was still great to get out and ride with him. We've raced together on a number of occasions (and finished very closely together!) but although we've talked about it, we've never really got to train much together.

The one lowlight was the run yesterday after Chipotle and before the dinner. The legs felt fine but I had a bit of heartburn after running only a few hours after engulfing a burrito. But hey, sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do!

As for now, it is time to get ready for the wedding. And believe it or not, Paulo is actually getting dressed up for the occasion… he even ironed his shirt! :0

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