Thursday, April 9, 2009

Timex Mulitsport Team Camp 2009 redux

Fun times were had at Timex camp in Carlsbad, California. A full summary would take way too long but here are some notes:

Lots of new people on the team this year, somehow producing an even more eclectic mix of personalities. From cool to serious to flat out crazy... we have it all.

Sugoi cloting is awesome. Sugoi is our new clothing sponsor this year and they hooked us up with a full cycling and running kit. Not only does the clothing look great, it fits marvelously and is very comfortable. The chamois they use has three layers of foam, two open cell and one closed cell, enabling it to protect your goods on even the longest rides. Additionally, when you purchase Sugoi custom clothing, you know you are getting good stuff because it is manufactured in the same building where their artists and sales associates sit. (The building is actually an old bowling alley!)

(Thanks to Jodi for the pic as I'm too lazy to take and upload my own...)

Nathan does a great job of tailoring their products to athletes' needs. The head of their product development team, Bryce Thatcher, is certifiably insane, allowing him to test the majority of their products in the harshest conditions. In addition to being a two time All-American cross country skier, the dude holds the record for the ascent/descent of Grand Teton. Oh, and their marketing director's strategy is quite "effective."

The weather in Southern California never ceases to amaze me. It was sunny and 70 degrees every day we were there. Then again, I guess that explains why the housing prices are so high...

Matt Reed is on fire... Miami International and now California 70.3. It will be interesting to see how his fitness holds up the rest of the year.

I need to get my hands on some of the new Bontrager Aeolus 9.0s. So hot.

The boys at Trek know what they are talking about. I'm proud to ride a bike that comes from a company that actually does testing and development and has reasons other than aesthetics for why their bikes are made like they are. This sounds like a simple enough concept but few companies actually do this. Why invest in R&D (manpower, hardware, facilities, etc.) and do your own testing when you can just make something that "looks aero" and 98% of the population won't have a bit of difference? Trek eschews this philosophy and can do the testing necessary because they have the capability to do carbon fiber layups in house, at the same place where the engineers sit.

Chris Thomas is the man. Dude has a family, a long commute, lives in the northeast, and still dominates the AG field in Cali. WTG!!!

Fidel's was worth the wait. After accidentally making reservations at the wrong restaurant, we finally made it to the right establishment and were greeted with buckets of chips and endless carafes of margaritas. For the main course I had the carnitas. I was hungry and it was delicious.


Hunter Reed said...

dude you went to Fidels! thats right by my house. New kits look pretty cool.

Andrew said...

The one in Carlsbad or the one further south? We stayed at the Grand Pacific Palisades but apparently they renamed the one in Carlsbad (cant remember the new name) so we had to go to a new one about 8 miles to the south...

anywhere_Smile said...

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