Monday, April 6, 2009


S: 28,500 yds
B: 8h 42min
R: 2h 2min

Total: 18h 42min

Last week saw the start of a new training block so it was nice to start some new workouts... especially in the pool. The swim volume is coming down a bit but is being compensated for by increased intesity. Zn4 everyday? Why not?? As for the running... the leg is still highly questionable. I had a couple of nice runs last week, but also a couple with a fairly substantial amount of pain. Making matters worse, I was stuck with the window seat on my Atl to SD flight on Saturday so it meant wayyy too much time without being able to stand up. I think I was able to get up once in the flight and by butt just cant take sitting for that long. Hopefully I'll get an upgrade for the ride home but that might be wishful thinking.

In other news, it's been a busy last couple of days as I'm out in SoCal for the annual Timex Mulitsport Team Camp. Lots of new sponsors this year which I'm really excited about. Hopefully I'll have a good wrap up in a couple of days but as for now its back to camp!

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