Thursday, February 19, 2009

Swimming works!

Some refuse to acknowledge it altogether (see the multiple "How do I get faster at swimming" threads on ST). Others (like Bri and Rachel) recognize it but are still slow to fully embrace it. To what am I referring? The simple idea that swimming more will make you faster in the water. It's a novel concept, I know, but one that often gets overlooked when people complain about not being able to swim fast.

Anyway....I only bring this up because after hitting it pretty hard in the pool the last few weeks I had a nice set of 5x400 this morning during which I swam about 6 sec per 400 faster than last fall. Cant complain about that! The surprising thing is that this gain came with absolutely no weight lifting!!!


BriGaal said...

Ouch! Totally thrown under the bus. I swim almost 10,000 yds a week now. That's a lot, right? Remember, I'm a runner, turned triathlete, who now isn't such a great runner, trying to swim. So there.

Will said...

The real question is, how much has all this swimming improved your bench press?