Monday, February 16, 2009


S: 33,600 yds
B: 7h 43 min
R: 1h 1min
AR: 2h 29min

Total: 20h 4min

Quality wise this week was certainly not one to write home about. I've been fighting a head cold since about last Tuesday and it has made the early morning swim workouts particularly brutal both because the cold symptoms have been (as they usually are) the most severe in the morning and because it is just never fun trying to keep up with the 14-16 yr old girls while also coughing up a lung.

The good news however is that the IT seems to (finally) be healing. Yesterday I ran for a whopping 20 min which is almost enough to qualify as an actual run so hopefully things will continue to improve. I think the goal for this week will be to run more on land than in water which will def be something to celebrate!

In other news, I'm home from work today celebrating Washington's Birthday. In the original George W's memory, I'd just like to thank him for being such a bad ass.

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