Monday, February 2, 2009


S: 34,300 yds
B: 8h 15min
AR: 2h 21min

Total: 19h 38min

Paulo wanted less swimming this week (yes, you read that right... Paulo actually wanted less swimming!!!) so I only swam 6 sessions as opposed to the 8-9 I had been getting in the last few weeks. Filling the void, unfortunately, has been aqua running. While I generally despise this activity, it is the most beneficial workout for run fitness outside of running. Luckily, the IT pain has all but vanished so I'm really just waiting on clearance from Nicole Bock, my new doc, before I start slowly running again. Hopefully that will come soon because, as we all know, biking and swimming make you fat.

The one silver lining regarding the lack of running is that I've been getting in some very high quality bike workouts which should bode well for the rest of the season. Nothing like getting the "lifting" out of the way now so I can do the "filling" during the long days of summer!


rr said...

Biking and swimming totally make you fat.

AR sucks.. hope you get the OK to run asap!

Camp is coming up fast, are you training your liver?

Andrew said...

My liver is always in shape!