Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rain, rain, go away!

or at least come again later in the day. Actually, there no reason the rain needs to go away... just the lightning that accompanies it.

Shortly after dragging myself out of bed this morning at 4:30 I noticed it was raining. It wasnt a torrential downpour but it was coming down fairly steadily. I didnt think too much of it except how nice it would be to have a legitimate excuse to just go back to bed and skip the trip to the pool. However because a little rain is certainly not the requisite excuse, I proceeded on my standard pre-swimming procedure of starting the coffee maker before getting dressed. However, once the coffee was ready I had to pause a bit to ponder how wonderful going back to bed would be. That lasted all of about 13 seconds and soon enough I was savoring the coffee while constructing my lunch.

Up to the pool and even during my 5 minute drive there were huge discrepancies in the rate at which precipitation was falling from the sky. I arrived at the pool, got changed, and stoop out on the deck for a few minutes, procrasitinating about starting the workout. I eventually jumped in and went through my usual 800 yd warm up. Shortly after starting the main set, however, the plug was pulled on the early morning fun. There was lightning in the area and we had to get out. Dumpster. At this point I had had coffee and warmed up, so going back to sleep really wasnt an option. However, I also didnt really do a workout so needless to say, sleeping in would have been a much better decision but such is life.

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