Monday, October 27, 2008


S: 23,900 yds
B: 9h 53min
R: 5h 53min

Total: 21h 45min

I had another nice week of quality workouts capped off with the best (in terms of TSS) long ride of the current training cycle. This is encouraging because the increase in TSS came while the duration of the ride remained the same, indicating an increase in intensity. I also upped the intensity on the tempo run as I joined David on his MP run. I kept him company for six miles which was enough for me since by that point we were running faster than 5:30 pace. He continued on for another 6 and should have an awesome debut marathon.

With the last long ride out of the way and less than two weeks until Clearwater, the hard work is (almost) completed. Now its just time to get ready to race... Bring it on!

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