Friday, July 8, 2011

Hamsting FAIL.

Well, this should be a pre-race blog about taking the Timex Ford Edge to either Muncie for the 70.3 or Chattanooga for the Waterfront Tri.  But its not, because I'm not racing this weekend. Instead I'm getting ready to head home from work and maybe do some very light exercise followed by a little TP rolling.  All this courtesy of what is apparently a bum hamstring.

The problem started sometime before Eagleman 70.3 but naturally I ignored it.  Who doesnt have aches and pains in training?  At Eagleman, however, it flared up and limited my pace on the run.  Being the smart (read: stubborn) guy that I am, I tried to look the other way and hope it would get better in the recovery week after  the race and taper before BSLT 70.3, but needless to say that didnt happen.  After BSLT, I wasnt as sore as I usually am after a 70.3 (thanks to the flat...), but my hamstring was killing me.  Then, when after my first few recovery workouts it was still hurting, I decided something was definitely wrong, and the decision was made not to race this weekend.

The frustrating thing about this is I cant do much of anything in the biking and running departments until it heals, so hopefully that won't take too long. If that is the case, I should be able to be back for a few late season races.  Otherwise, well, lets just say we only focus on the positive, here...

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