Tuesday, July 12, 2011


S: 31,300 yds
B: 9h 31min
R: 1h 23min

Total: 19h 8min

First, the good news.  The pool has been long course which is always awesome. This is for the kids, who have their big summer meet, Southeasterns, coming up. Correspondingly, they've been having their main practice in the morning, so I had some pretty sweet workouts with them. Matt W, the coach, has recently started having a "Beast" group and a "Cheetah" group. Naturally, I've been in the "Beast" group due to my massive physique.  Or maybe I've just been there because its the distance group, but I prefer the former explanation....  For you swimmers out there, one of the sets last week went something like this:

800 pull + 6x100 @ 1500 race pace
600 pull + 4x100 @ 800 race pace
400 pull + 2x100 @ 400 race pace  
All @ 1:30/100m

The rest of the week was more "working out" than actually training as my hamstring is still not functioning properly.  I would appreciate it if that got better soon so that I can get back to RACING.


alyssa said...

whoa! i got super pumped when I saw your workout because guess what I'm swimming tomorrow??

800 PBB cruise @ 30 rest
8x100 swim @ 1:45
600 PBB cruise @ 30 rest
6x100 swim @ 1:40
400 PBB cruise @ 30 rest
4x100 swim @ 1:35

We're like...the same....but different! Makes me feel like I'm finally swimming big kid workouts!

Andrew said...

Love it!