Tuesday, July 5, 2011


S: 29,900yds
B: 5h 57min
R: 58min

Total: 14h 47min

First of all, hopefully everyone had a great long weekend. I certainly did, as it was nice to be home after being away for races 3 of the previous 4 weekends.  It was also pretty chill due to a slight change of plans on the racing front.

My hamstring has been giving me troubles since sometime before Eagleman.  Then during Eagleman it got progressively worse during the ride and limited my pace a bit during the run.  Subsequently it hasnt really got much better since.  The situation was similar at BSLT, but slightly mitigated by the fact I had a ~30min break in the middle of the ride. After the race, it was really sore even though otherwise my legs didnt feel too bad.  So rather than trying to limp through Muncie, I'm staying home this weekend to get better. I also took last week nice and easy to let my hamstring get better.  It was also kind of a mid-season rest week which will hopefully set me up for the rest of the year.  After all, if the hamstring doesnt get better, there wont be much racing to do regardless of fitness!  With all that having been said, I did have a few FAST swims with the kids to keep me honest.

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