Tuesday, July 26, 2011


S: 43,900 yds

Once again no biking or running.  But, I did get an update on the leg.  Friday I had an MRI and result was the typical good news/bad news.  Good news?  No tear.  Bad news?  The diagnosis is tendinitis caused by (what else) "overuse".  So the prescription is to continue with the electostim and ice and start popping the advil like candy until it heals.  After that, I'll apparently have to start stretching and strengthening and all that good stuff.  Fun times, indeed.

But for more good news, and on a more qualitative note, the pain has subsided quite a bit in the last couple of days, so I should be able to start the strengthening pretty soon. It better, because I've had way too much water stuck in my ears lately.

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Paul Asay said...

25 miles of swimming, that is some serious time in the water.