Monday, February 7, 2011


S: 26,200 yds
B: 8h
R: 6h 40min

Total: 21h 34min

Not much new here, just putting in the work and trying to get enough sleep. And trying to stay warm, which was a struggle when my HVAC went out.

With my hamstring issue finally subsiding a bit I actually got in a couple of decent running workouts. One was in 20mph winds on the Rocket City Marathon course while the other included loops in Grissom HS's parking lot, but both were loads of fun! The real test, of course, will be the Mercedes Half Marathon this weekend. I'm not sure that I'm in PR shape but should be ready for a decent showing. Really though, I'm just looking forward to getting out and racing a bit, as it will be a nice contrast to trainer intervals in the basement and solo run workouts in the dark.

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