Friday, February 25, 2011

Team Timex, Year V

As I mentioned in the previous post, last weekend was Team Timex camp up in New Jersey. This was my 5th camp, and once again it provided an awesome opportunity to hang out with old friends and meet some new ones. Every year I feel more and more humbled to be a part of such an amazing group of individuals.  Sure, a lot are athletically talented, but they are also all motivated, successful people in all aspects of life and that seemed even more prevalent this year. From investment bankers to chemists to lawyers to people with multiple advanced degrees, this team has it all. Oh, there are a few multiple IM winners in there, too. So huge props to Team Manager Tristan Brown, the man behind the scenes who somehow managed to top himself again by fielding another incredibly stellar team. 

For more thorough coverage of the weekend, head on over to the Team Timex Blog where you'll find Dave's roundup of the media coverage, as well as Barry's, Cassie's, and Brian's accounts of the weekend.

If you only check out one link, though, I'd highly recommend this video courtesy of LAVA Magazine:
"Video: Reunion Tour—The Original Triathlon Team Celebrates a Decade"

Some quotes from the video which really sum up with this team is all about:

"If it works for the athletes and we can create an environment that works for them, it will work for Timex and it will work for our other sponsors." -Tom Schuler, The Man

"What we really look for is someone who likes racing, who races a lot, and is successful. But also someone who is really into the community of triathlon... If you're on the Timex Team, you're someone that most people like; you're not somebody who is a punk just doing triathlon. " -Tristan Brown, Team Manager

"I think it proves, after 10 years, that this is a great platform." -Keith Meyer, Timex

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