Tuesday, February 22, 2011


S: 30,200 yds
B: 2h
R: 4h 38min

Total: 14h 35min

Recovery from Mercedes combined with the trip to New Jersey for camp conspired to make the week fairly light in terms of overall hours. However, I did get in a few pretty high quality workouts towards the end of the week, even at camp.

Unlike last year, this year we had pool access so at 5:45AM on both Friday and Saturday we all piled into vans and were shuttled to a local HS pool. After fairly quickly self-sorting into lanes, we instinctively started circle swimming. 500ish yds later, the Lane 1 All-stars of Superman (aka Tim Hola), Laura Tingle, Gwen Jorgensen, Jessica Broderick, and myself, stopped in order to discuss what the heck we were going to do, as "just swimming" for an hour wouldve gotten pretty old, pretty quickly. I half jokingly suggested we "just do 30x100" but to my surprise, everyone in the lane was game. So since it was my suggestion, I had the privilege of leading. We agreed on 5 on 1:15, 5 on 1:20, 4 on 1:15, 4 on 1:20, etc. It was a great set and before I knew it, the set was done and I was proud to have kept Superman off my feet.

Because we still had some time left, we then proceeded to knock out some fly at the insistence of Ms. Tingle. As you can see by checking the link above, there is a reason why I stick to free....

I usually swim by myself so it was a lot of fun to get in a quality training session with some quality athletes. Additionally, I was a bit surprised at how quickly we agreed upon the workout and got right to work. Needless to say, triathletes can be known for rigid, meticulous training plans but this didnt seem to be a problem with our group. Although we probably only had a little over an hour in the water, we managed to decide on a workout and get in around 4500 yds. Nothing like getting in and getting the work done!

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