Sunday, June 17, 2012

Southern Festival, Part Deux

After the fun that was had at the National Cornbread Festival 5k, a group of us decided we should head up to Bell Buckle, TN for the RC Cola and MoonPie Festival. And yes, this is a real thing. 

There were, however, a couple of factors we forgot to consider. First, the NCF was April 28th, while the MoonPie Festival was June 16th. In April it is still cool in the morning; in June, though, not so much. Next, the race associated with NCF was a 5k, while Moonpie was a 10 miler. I didn't major in math, but 10 miles is a lot longer than 3.1. And really... who puts on a 10 mile race in the middle of the summer in the South?? So with this in mind, some of us were having second thoughts... 

What are we doing here, again?

This SO dumb...

So ready to be done.

The race was... a race. The first few miles were pretty hilly, the next few were flat, and then we got to finish with a nice juicy uphill just after the 9 mile mark. I ended up 5th in 56:45, which is nothing to write home about, but certainly was a pretty decent workout.  

Now, enough about racing. The highlight, of course, was the festival! FWIW, I'll give a nod to the Cornbread Festival on food (selection, quality, and quantity), crafts, and overall size. But Moonpie definitely had the better race. Sure, the middle of June isnt the optimal time for a 10 miler, but you dont see the 10 mile distance all that often, so it gets points for that. And this race had close to 850 finishers, which is not too shabby for a race in the Middleofnowhere, TN. Finally, the post race food included fresh buscuits (sausage, chicken, or plain), bananas, muffins, and of course RC Cola and MoonPies.   

The Crew

Yep, they love their MoonPies here. 



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