Tuesday, March 8, 2011


S: 26,600 yds
B: 9h 52min
R: 3h 36min

Total: 20h 28min

Well, things were rolling along nicely (aka I was training and desperately trying to get enough sleep) up through last Thursday when ummm, that happened....

Wednesday evening I had the always delightful 3 x 2mile which I attacked with my running buddy, George H, out on the Rocket City Marathon course.  Although George is a bit slower, he stays close enough to keep me honest, which really helps to keep me from slacking on the first one. Towards the end of the run, my lower right shin was a little sore but I didnt think much of it as I had just run 6 hard miles and, well, something is always sore. I did some precautionary icing that evening and hoped it would be fine the next day.

Thursday morning rolled around which meant the usual trainer puke fest.  I didnt have any soreness, and really kind of forgot about it, likely thanks largely to the pain that was imparted on my actual leg muscles as a result of the intervals. When lunchtime rolled around, I was looking forward to a nice easy run with friends in some beautiful weather.  Aside from the usual overall soreness, I didnt have any acute pain at the start of the run. Towards the end, though, the same lower leg pain from the previous day crept back. I didnt think it was too serious, but it was noticeable.

Unfortunately the pain remained the rest of the day when lifting my foot up to walk. This meant no run on Friday and eventually led to no run (and certainly no race) Sunday as well as a trip to see Dr. Krichev on Monday. After some poking and prodding, he concluded that I likely have a strained anterior tibialis muscle (at least its not a SF!), the same issue I had almost the same time last year but (ironically enough) on the other leg. Causes are purely speculative at this point, other than, you know, training.

Hopefully this will clear up relatively quickly.  In the meantime, I'll be brushing up on my water running, icing, and stretching in order to mitigate the damage to running fitness and get back to real running as quickly as possible.      

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