Monday, April 5, 2010


S: 25,400 yds
B: 10h 45min
R: 3h 56min

Total: 21h 22min

It was the second wacky week in a row but that is to be expected when you have to fly across the country and back. Needless to say, its nice to be back home, especially now that the temperature is finally warming up!

Aside from the travel, there was some bad news as I had some leg pain which started at the beginning of the week and was bad enough to warrant a trip to see Dr. Krichev immediately upon my arrival back in Huntsville. I was having some soreness in my lower left leg so I wanted to see him right away as I was worried about it being the always dreaded SF. Luckily though, his diagnosis was a strain and/or tendinitis and therefore relegated to soft tissue. Unfortunately I'm still baffled by the cause but hopefully ice, NSAIDS, stretching, and a decrease in running training load will spur recovery and have me ready to go for New Orleans 70.3 in just under 2 weeks.

Finally, this is nothing new but it was confirmed twice in four days that cycling, even in nice weather, still sucks.

Case #1: On Thursday I finished up my ride at the Cross Country Park to get a free chocolate bunny and one my friends asked if something was wrong. I replied "no" at first but then realized that I had just been on my bike for 2.5h and still had a 5 mile ride home. So yeah, that can easily manifest itself into some bad vibes.

Case #2: Then, on Sunday, Paulo picked up something similar on gchat, noting, "so I see the 10+h of cycling since Thursday made you slightly grumpy." Now there is a coach that knows his athletes!

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TriCoachTre' said...

Dude, you have to make peace with the bike!