Monday, April 12, 2010


S: 31,300 yds
B: 8h 50min
R: 3h 28min

Total: 20h 32min

Sadly, the huge caveat there is although there is 3h 28min listed under the "run" column, I actually only ran 1h10. The rest was in the form of the eye stabbing procedure also known as aqua jogging. Coincidentally, I also didn't actually do any quality running.

The problem, it appears, is tibialis anterior tendonitis although I'm still unaware of the precipitating factor. Regardless, hopefully a couple of weeks off running and on PT will allow it to heal.

As a result, it looks like New Orleans 70.3 isnt going to happen. While I probably could finish the race, 13 miles in my racing flats over less than optimal New Orleans roads would not be good for the injury. If this were Clearwater, I'd be there. However because this is the first race of the season I thought it'd be a good idea not to totally destroy the tendon and instead hope for a quicker recovery.

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Unknown said...

Sorry to hear that, Andrew! Sounds like you are doing the smart thing and you are the king of aqua running so just embrace it for a few weeks and you'll be back on the roads soon. :)