Tuesday, January 5, 2010


S: 28,400 yds
B: 3h
R: 5h 41min

Total: 16h 9min

While swimming outside in Orlando over the weekend was nice, the highlight of last week's workouts had to be the Thursday morning swim. Although I was heading down to Gainesville/Orlando for New Year's Eve celebrations later that day, I still had time to go to the pool for the usual AM swim. I figured the kids wouldnt have practice that afternoon and was hoping they'd be there for a tough morning workout. They were and Matt, the new coach, didnt disappoint.

After a 1200 yd warmup, Matt explained the rules of the game. Basically, it was a race to see who could complete ten 400s in the shortest amount of time swimming triathlon-style, snaking through 8 lanes fper 400. For the first 400 he lined us up slowest to fastest and sent us off in a time trial fashion. For each subsequent 400, though, we had to get out of the pool and roll a set of dice and, depending on the roll, swim our next 400 accordingly. Some examples included fly swim, backstroke swim, breast swim, "shower" (which entailed running into the locker room, getting wet, then running back out before starting the 400), kick, backwards (start at Lane 8 and swim "upstream" relative to everyone else), pull, swim w/ fins, etc. There were 11 options total (2-12) so in order to win you had to swim fast and roll well. Roll a kick rather than swim w/ fins and you've just tacked a few minutes on your time.

Being slow, I got to start close to the front and attacked from the beginning. I ended up rolling the "backwards" a few times which actually ended up being not too bad because once the game got going, things spread out pretty quickly. I also avoided the dreaded kick which was probably the reason I came out victorious. That and I didnt screw around any between 400s. Overall though, it was a lot of fun and a great way to get through 4000yds!


Rob Jones said...

Terrific game! Love it.

Danny Montoya said...

Happy New Year to you and your family Andrew!