Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Checking in from Maui

Two days and 7 workouts down and so far I'm still feeling pretty good. Yesterday was pretty chill as it was only me, Simon, Sam, and Andrew. The rest of the crew arrived last night so their coach, Phil, wanted to let them have a pretty easy day. We started with an easy run through the cane fields before heading to the pool for a nice solid 5k swim. For the afternoon, we had a nice 1.5h ride through the hills and some incredible scenery. After that Paulo wasnt really satisfied so he suggested I do a little 20min tempo run + 10min cooldown run off the bike. The day ended with some tasty Mahimahi in Paia and a chocolate chip pumpkin muffin.

Tomorrow things promise to heat up a bit with a long swim in the AM and then some Zn3 fun on the bike in the PM. I'm sure there will be a run in there somewhere as well. The internet here is pretty limited, so I'll just leave with a little image of the coast:

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