Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More pics from Maui

Last night here in the Rocket City it was about 45F w/ 15-20mph winds and I had a 10 mile run on the schedule. The weather only accentuated the desire to be back running under the sun through the cane fields rather than through cold, dark neighborhoods of suburban southeast Huntsville. So since thats not going to happen... the next best thing... pictures!

Here we are practicing our beach starts:

Kyle, me, Sam, Kathy, Austin, Andrew, PJ (from left to right) at the beginning of our ride:

Later in the ride, as we are cresting a small hill. Yes, that is the ocean and the other side of the island in the background:

Swim practice done:

Sunday morning, gathering for the tempo run:

Me, Kyle, and Simon (left to right) cruising along through the cane fields:


alyssa said...

I came looking for some inspiration. Can I put in a request for a QOTD?

Andrew said...

Yeah... hopefully there will be something worthy coming up soon. Apparently I've been reading too many articles on economics and not enough on sports...