Thursday, December 20, 2007

Today was another two run Thursday. For some reason Paulo has gotten on this two runs a day kick which means today I got to run 1h20min in the morning and 50min in the afternoon. Thats 2h10min for the day for all you math majors out there. I was thinking that I couldnt remembered the last time I ran that much in one day, but then I realized it was when I was suffering through the run in Hawaii. Of course, I'm not sure if a 3:20 marathon is considered running...

So on the second run of the day today I got the incredibly original, "Run, Forest, Run!" from the redneck in a truck. I actually hadnt heard this one in quite a while, so that was entertaining. However, it made me wonder if people yell this to joggers as well... I mean, does this guy yell, "Run, Forest, Run!!" to the overweight old guy putting along? Or does it have to be a skinny white guy actually running? Hmmm.... Something to think about on my next run.


TriCoachTre' said...

Get a better picture! You look like an elf running in the woods. I'll send the ones I have from photo booth. Happy Holidays!

Andrew said...

Yeah, the picture is actually fine, bur for some reason it gets messed up when it uploads. I need to mess around with it but havent had time. Of course, if you have some others, I'd love to have them! Merry Christmas!