Monday, December 17, 2007

After driving around the Brevard Community College parking lot for about 10 minutes, I finally stumbled upon the Cocoa YMCA and its outdoor pool. After explaining to the nice lady at the desk why I should be allowed to use their pool, I was let in.

"Finally," I thought.

"So would you like me to show you around?" the attendant asked. "What would you like to use?"

"Oh, just point me to the pool," I responded.

"Sorry, our pool is closed."


So after thinking about heading back to the hotel and running from there, I decided to just run from the Y. I was glad I did but it probably wasnt the best area of town to run. Lets just say I had a few things yelled at me that his mother probably wouldnt have approved of...

In other news... here is a pic of the SRB bolt. I had to carry this piece down from Huntsville so we could section it. Check out that coating! Nice and uniform!!

In case you care, on the left is some nice martensitic 4340 steel and that middle stripe is the electroless Ni coating. This is what I (am supposed to) care about.

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