Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This morning started out with a 7:00AM flight out of Orlando to LA to watch some more plating. At least Delta now has DirectTV in some of their newer planes which does help the time pass during the 5.5h plane ride.

When I finally got to my hotel, it was tempting to just crash but I got out the door for a v. windy 1.5h run. I got lost in the dark a couple of times but all in all it was nice to get out and stretch the legs a bit. Then I had dinner at a little Mexican restaurant across the street from my hotel and it had to be one of the greasiest meals I've had in a while. The freshly made chips were saturated with oil and the side of zucchini and corn was literally swimming in butter. At least I got the chicken which was a harmless boneless, skinless breast.

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