Monday, September 19, 2011


S: 28,100yds
B: 9h 45min
R: 5h 16min

Total: 22h 25min

Last week was a little larger than previous weeks due to my lack of employment coupled with the century on Saturday.  The century was the Spring City Cycling Club's All You Can Eat (SCCC's AYCE) Century. It was a beautiful day for a ride, and the scenery didnt disappoint.  The pace was pretty chill for the first hour or so with me, Timo, and a couple other taking pulls.  In the second hour, things slowly started to heat up until over 2h into the ride, we hit a 3 mile long, 1000ft high climb which totally broke things up.  I made it up first, and stopped at the rest stop close to the top.

There was a bit of a regrouping at the top, and about 8 of us set out for the trip home.  We stayed together down the hill, but around mile 55 we turned onto a bumpy, hilly road. At this point I was wishing I had been on a mountain bike, as I'm not sure if the race directors couldve picked a worse paved road for us to ride.  Pretty soon, we were down to three as we all just wanted to get off that road.  The rest of ride was pretty steady, with Timo, me, and a guy from Nashville in an old school MaiPei kit just pushing to the finish.  Considering I couldnt remember the last time I had ridden longer than 3h, I was definitely hurting.  I was fine on the flats and gradual hills, even taking pulls, but the spikes in power required for the steep hills were killing me; I just didnt have an extra gear.  We finally rolled back into the parking lot at Madison County High School 101 miles and ~4h42min of riding.  

Then it was straight to the couch!

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Nick said...

Hodges, you're late. No sleeping allowed. I'm expecting that Sept19-25 training log so I can know what workouts to schedule myself this week. That time off from running was glorius, but now my shoulders look like the incredible Hulk from all the swimming.