Tuesday, April 12, 2011


S: 26,100 yds
B: 9h 51min
R: 5h 26min

Total: 22h 9min

Ouch. Back at it in a very real way. Well, all except for the running. I did get in almost three hours on the ground, but nothing too fast. I did have some very solid bike workouts (2x20, long Zn3, etc.), though, so I was pretty pleased, but also worn out, by the end of the week.

Looking ahead, after talking with Paulo and my doctor, I decided racing this weekend wouldnt be the best idea.  Although my leg is feeling better, I've still been pretty sore even after my short, easy runs this week, so racing a half marathon in racing flats would likely tear me up pretty good.  Sure, I could most likely finish the race, but there would be a significant chance for re-injury, not to mention prolonged soreness.  So since this is only the first race of the year, I'm playing it safe and waiting until Florida. Its too bad because its been a long winter and I had really been looking forward to this race, but I'd rather have the rest of the season than this one.

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