Monday, April 25, 2011


S: 25,600 yds
B: 10h 49min
R: 5h 15min

Total: 22h 48min

After struggling through the week, I was really pleased with the workouts on the weekend.  The power numbers were good on the long ride on Saturday, then I got off the bike and had a brisk transition run. It was certainly a hard workout, but I felt in control.  In contrast, during the same workout a couple of weeks earlier I felt like death. And generally not feeling like death is better than feeling like death.  Saturday afternoon's fun was followed up by a very solid run the next morning which included a 5:38 mile.  Not only is this fast for a Sunday morning, but also the fastest I've run since hurting my leg. Double bonus!

This weekend I'm heading over to Rome, GA for the Tri For The Kids Olympic Distance Triathlon where I'm really looking forward to (finally) getting the season underway.  Additionally, it should be a nice "wake up" before FL70.3 in a few weeks.


Chad Williamson said...

I expect nothing less than a "W" this weekend...

Andrew said...

And I expect you to expect nothing less..