Friday, February 12, 2010

What to do???

When originally perusing the workout schedule for this week I noticed something odd: only one workout on Friday. Thats right, a swim was listed and then... nothing, nada, negative in the biking and running categories. So then the question naturally turned to what to do with the extra time?

Sit on the couch and watch TV. A plausible way to spend some leisure time (and therefore not entirely out of the question) but I can do that when I'm totally wiped from a long tempo run, so why waste it on a night with so many other possibilities? Plus, there isnt anything on TV on Friday nights anyway, so why bother? (And no, the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics dont count. While I'm all about the actual competition, watching a bunch of Europeans, Americans, and Canadians walk into a dome just isnt that exciting.) Odds: 8:1

Finish painting the family room. Shocking, I know, but I did actually start a home improvement project. Last Friday I started painting my family room and got most of one coat done but still have to knock out the other coat. Clearly this is the responsible choice but then I wouldnt be able to procrastinate anymore... what fun would that be? Odds: 5:1

Attempt to rob someone with an air pistol. Oh wait, thats what Tennessee football players do on Friday nights... sorry. Odds: 100:1

Go to the bar and drink beer. By far the most likely scenario. It will be, after all, Friday night and if that isnt an excuse to drink, I dont know what is. Odds: 5:2

Go to a party by the roommate: Just checking to see if you are still awake. For those of you who havent had the privilege of meeting Zach, well... lets just say he has his quirks and isnt exactly the social butterfly. But hey, he pays the rent on time and hasnt tried to kill me yet so what else could I ask for? Odds: 1.78E10 to 1.


Paul Asay said...

So what was the final answer?

Andrew said...

I ended up just hanging out and having a few beers with friends. We thought about going downtown but why waste money at a bar when you can drink beer at home??

I did, however, get some painting done Saturday morning before leaving for Birmingham, so all was not lost.

Paul Asay said...

Nice race, 1:12 is moving right along. Your choice worked out well :-)