Tuesday, September 8, 2009


S: 28,400 yds
B: 5h 50min
R: 6h 13min

Total: 19h 31min

It was another pretty solid week of run training, even if that wasnt exactly evident in the less than stellar 10k time. Or perhaps the quality workouts earlier in the week were a cause of the mediocre race... Either way, the 10km on Saturday morning on Monte Sano was fun. I ran 34:28 on a hilly course which included about 1.5 miles of a sandy trail, so all in all not too bad. I ran with David for the first few miles (well, he ran with me...) then he took off and put about a minute into me on the second 5km. Third place finisher, George DeWitt, was over a minute and a half back from me making the race fairly uneventful. After finishing David and I went for a cool down during which a deluge of water began falling from the sky. Despite the saturation of our shoes, playing in the rain is always a good time.

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