Thursday, July 9, 2009

Taper Time and Summer Fun

With RI 70.3 this weekend, it has been taper time this week. I was all excited to "only" have a 2.5h ride + 30min run last Saturday but then for some really felt pretty worn down at the beginning of this week. However, after a few nights of getting to bed early I'm looking forward to the race this weekend.

With the shorter workouts last weekend I had plenty of time to enjoy the holiday. Saturday, being the 4th of July, provided a great excuse to hang out at the pool and enjoy the spectacular weather. In particular, I went up to a cookout up at the Monte Sano Pool to feast on some pulled pork (for the second week in a row), coleslaw, black eyed peas, and beer. Here are some pictures.... if this isnt Americana at its best, I dont know what is...

I swear it was a coincidence that I took this picture while there was a guy riding by on some kind of personal cart. Alabama is AWESOME.

Its Miller Time!

Summer fun at the pool. Wish I was a kid again!

Sarah and me with the band in the background.

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