Thursday, July 23, 2009

All intensity, all the time

With the new training block, there is certainly no shortage of speed. Tuesday was a Zn4/Zn5 ride while Wednesday night I hit the track for the first time in who knows how long (maybe a year?!) for some fast (Zn4/Zn5) running. Thursday night? You guessed it, bike ride and run, both with some quality Zn4/Zn5 time! I made it through T and W pretty well but after after sprinting around the track with David R, I was feeling it on Thursday.

So yeah... we'll see how this race on Sunday, the Music City Triathlon, pans out. With a long run tonight and 3 workouts tomorrow, it should be interesting. At least the venue will be nice. Team Magic moved the race to downtown Nashville so it will be fun to run and ride through the middle of the city. Unfortunately, because this is a Team Magic race, it will be a time trial start, which is probably the dumbest thing ever. Seriously... what is the point having a race, if you're going to stagger everyone's starting times? That is not a race. They might as well just have everyone do a 1500m swim + 40k bike + 10k run at home and send in their times...

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