Monday, May 9, 2011


S: 26,300 yds
B: 8h 1min
R: 6h

Total: 20h 56min

All in all it was a pretty good last week of training before FL 70.3 this Sunday.  It took a few days to get my "feel" back in the water after being out due to the tornadoes and subsequent extended power outage, but nothing too terribly bad.

The leg injury which kept me from racing in New Orleans has abated, and I was able to finish a couple of runs last week with some fast miles, so hopefully that was foreshadowing for the race this weekend.  Of course it'll all really come down to how hot it is.  Although we've had a couple of warm days, the temperates have been pretty moderate for the most part, so if it warms up on Sunday, I'll just have to rely on my HS CC training...  

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